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Let Our Team Find The Book You Need

At Tribeca, we love books and we want to share that love with you!  Are you looking for a newly released novel, a book club read, a New York Times Bestseller, or a treasured classic? We are happy to take the time to find that book for you.  Our team is happy to search for used books as well.

The next time you can't find that great book you want to read, or can't remember the title and just don't have the time to search for it, let Tribeca GalleryCafé & Books find it for you.

Our place is great for students who want to study in a warm and welcoming environment. Our children's book selection is quaintly located in our upper loft, which is where our children's story time is held. 

Call Tribeca GalleryCafé at 920-206-2885 or stop by today.

Special Book Order Processing

Let Tribeca GalleryCafé & Books help you find the exact book you've been looking for. Whether you need it for your club, school, or simply just for pleasure, you can count on us.

We pride ourselves on our special book order processing. Our staff can order a book for you that will be delivered in a matter of 2-3 business days.
Ask About Our Frequent Book Buyers Club
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"Feeling pretty proud of my bestie, Jamie Klinger-Krebs! Her book is in the front window of the best book store — at Tribeca GalleryCafé & Books."

Amber Kuester Gerstner, Facebook Review
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